Serena Flores - Suicide Prevention Month Submission

At last the knots of care in my chest being untangled

Giving me the algid feeling of oxygen spiral into a respiration sea

Oh how I've longed for you

I never could accept why you wandered away

Leaving me with your enemy

Your enemy who we call a gloomy deception

Hours upon hours we’ve shared darkness with the demons

Dancing to songs of sorrow

Never again will I allow you to lecture my intellect

It is now the hour of jubilation

All you allowed in my vision was black and white

No longer will I be blind to the hues of life

It’s time to say goodbye to the clouds blocking hope

It’s time for a clear view of what the universe created

Finally, I see the ravishing pattern of colors painted across the sky

If only I knew, the storm that I swallowed was all meant to give me this

It was meant to give me this rainbow of serenity

Thank you for helping me repel the evil

Thank you for restoring my vitality


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