Gabby founded Buddy Project on April 8th, 2013, when she was 15 and a freshman in high school. She was motivated to create this initiative after a few of her friends told her they were going through mental illness, self-harm addiction, and suicidal thoughts. These friends always told Gabby how her support helped them. After discovering many teens on Twitter were going through the same problems, Gabby remembered what her friends told her about how much support from a friend meant to them. She thought if she could pair people with a new friend that had the same interests as them, she could prevent people from committing suicide.

Gabby has received multiple awards and honors for her work with Buddy Project, which includes the Shorty Award in Teen Activism, the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial Award, PB Teen Extraordinary Teen, and Pennsylvania Hometown Hero for Glamour. She has been featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, USA Today College, Revlon's Million Dollar Challenge, Fox 29, and Local Wolves.

Gabby is currently a member of Crisis Text Line's Youth Advisory Council and the Real Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences. In 2016, she was a Global Teen Leader for Three Dot Dash, as well as a member of Harvard's Inaugural Making Caring Common Youth Advisory Board. In 2017, she was on 1000 Dreams Fund's Student Advisory Board and was a Shelly Cove campus rep. Gabby is also an ambassador for Clover Letter.

She is currently a rising sophomore at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is majoring in Music Industry. 

Twitter: @gabby_frost

Instagram: gabbyfrost