Find Your Buddy



6PM EST on December 31st, 2018

If you signed up before the listed times, you are paired with someone. If you signed up after the listed times, please check our social media to see when the next update time is! Once you're paired, you will receive an email with instructions on how to find your buddy.

Finding your buddy is simple! Just type your username in the search engine above and your buddy will be listed in a pair with you (ex: [Interest]: Buddy 1 @buddy1 and Buddy 2 @buddy2 |). When you find out who your buddy is, follow them & tweet/message them that you're buddies!



What do I do once I find out who my buddy is?

After finding out who your buddy is, follow them on their Twitter or Instagram! Send them a tweet/message saying something like, "Hi I'm your buddy from Buddy Project." 

How do I message my buddy?

Most buddies prefer to direct message each other. If you feel comfortable giving your buddy your phone number, feel free to do so (you are not required).

What are some icebreakers or topics my buddy and I can talk about?

The best topic you two can talk about is what you've been paired on. Other icebreaker topics include: Music • TV Shows • Movies • Books • Sports • Hobbies • Identity (Culture, Religion, LGBTQ+, etc) • School • Work • Family

If your buddy is yourself

Please sign up again and only once (for that specific interest) so you won't be paired with yourself.

If your buddy is inactive

Just send them a tweet anyways, you never know if they're on but just don't tweet. If they still don't reply after awhile, please sign up again.

If your buddy speaks another language

Sign up again please.

If your buddy's username doesn't exist

Double check it's the right one by physically going onto the list of buddies, if it still doesn't work please sign up again.

If your buddy is someone you know

Sign up again, this can't be avoided because we don't know which people are already your friends.

In any case where your buddy pairing isn’t working out, please sign up again if you’d like to.