In March 2017, we launched our "Bring BP to Your Campus" campaign for our Campus Reps to start at their middle schools, high schools, and colleges. For this campaign, we had students on campuses throughout the United States hold up signs that had statistics and phrases relating to mental health. We noticed that not all of our followers could get their campus to participate or aren't enrolled in school, so we wanted to give everyone a chance to participate and hold up a Buddy Project sign.

If you want to get involved with our "Around the World" project, follow the directions below.

  1. Click here to get access to the different signs we have pre-made. You are welcome to make your own sign if you have a different message that resonates with you.
  2. Figure out where you would like to take your picture. If you are able to, we would love to have pictures taken in front of noteworthy places in your city/town. If you're not comfortable doing that, you are welcome to take it at home or another spot that you like.
  3. Email your picture to bpcampaign@buddy-project.org if you want your picture displayed on our social media and website.