Pride Month Submission - JF

A Force of Nature by JF

To all the lost queer kids,
You are a force of nature.
Like the grass growing between the cracks in the sidewalks,
The world is against you.
Yet, you are here.
So let the grass grow and resist the cement,
For you are meant to exist.
Over time, you will realize that you are powerful,
Powerful enough to survive the world’s hatred,
Powerful enough to find strength in your tears,
Powerful enough to bloom through the darkness.
So break through the barriers,
For you will meet someone that finds joy in the little things,
Little things like grass growing between sidewalk cracks.
You are a force of nature.
To all the queer kids that do not make it through the cracks,
You will meet the sun one day too.
Until then, I see you.

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