Pride Month Submission - Jay Corprew

Needle in a Haystack by Jay Corprew

We are like needles shaved down from a sword. 
Sharpened from ignorance and hate. 
What they thought would make us go away. Only made us stronger today. 
We are not born to be discriminated. 
We are not born to live in pain or hide our truth. 
To be beaten down,
Or be beaten up.
We are not here to live in fear. 
To be raised to feel ashamed. 
We are sick of seeing our brothers and sisters killed. 
And sick of trans children taking their lives before they even got to truly live. 

We are worthy. Opinions are not. 
We will be heard. 
We will fight back. 
We will not let this go. 
We will not be outcasted. 
We will continue to survive. 
To be remembered.
To be seen. 
To be heard. 
To be free. 

Victory in a Name by Jay Corprew

Holding a paper with my true name on it
Was like taking full breaths for the first time
It was life giving
It didnt look like much. 
Black letters on white paper. Written in old office font. Jay Charles. 
But it meant everything to me. 

This name wasn't given by blood.
But it was hard earned, by the blood I spilled to survive all these years
I fought for this name
I lived through pain for this name. 
This name is who I am. 

Jay. Means victorious.
Charles means A man. Who is free. 
Every time I see a document with my name on it. And Every time someone says my name. Im reminded of all that I have been through. And All I had to do, to become me. 
Im reminded of my truth. 

A man who is a victor. A man who is finally free.

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