Pride Month Submission - Hannah Burns


My artwork submission is titled These Hands. It's a poetry and art mix. The poem is about learning to take care of and love yourself instead of focusing on others. The artwork represents beginning to work on and grow your own garden with your own hands because everyone is capable of self-care and self-love. It's never too late to start. 

As a lesbian, self-love and acceptance has been a difficult journey, and there are still bad days. I enjoy dressing and looking feminine and masculine, and it's hard to face stigmas and stereotypes about how I, as both a woman and a lesbian, should look. I have been teased and judged and shamed for wanting to be and dress a certain way but slowly over the years, I've grown to love myself and be me, regardless of what others think. I have faced anxiety, self-hate, lack of confidence, and depression in my mental health journey but I never let it stop me from growing and working on being happy just the way I am!

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