Pride Month Series

Hi everyone! We are starting a series on Buddy Project's website of articles that inform everyone about the different gender identities and sexualities. People don't understand the different identities regarding gender and sexuality, and educating everyone is the key to solving ignorance. If you'd like to submit an article, please pick an identity you are confident writing about. We suggest picking one you have a connection to in some way, whether you personally relate or know someone who has. I'd like for these pieces to be a mix of informational and personal. Feel free to include your story if you're comfortable, but don't forget to add some statistics and facts. We will post one article every 2-3 days as soon as we begin receiving a sufficient amount of submissions. 

If you're uncomfortable with sharing your real name and want to remain anonymous, you can provide a pseudonym when submitting.

Please check out previous articles posted on this site to see examples of style and length.

Here are the topics that I'd love articles written about (comment any suggestions):









Transgender (FTM)

Transgender (MTF)

I'll probably post more than one article per identity to include people of different ages, races, religions, socioeconomic statuses, and gender identities (for sexualities), 

Please submit your article here:

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