NSPM Writing Submission - Maya B.

Submitted by Maya B.

Hey everyone my name is Maya Ballout, I'm currently 19 and glad to be alive!!

In the past, I used to think I was a coward because I couldn't actually bring my self to take my own life, I now realized that it was my subconscious mind telling myself to keep on living because I had a greater purpose in this world, to inspire others to never give up and continue for even when it seemed pointless, no bad experience lasts forever , and if you stick around and wait for the storm to pass you'll realize that this experience was needed for you to know true joy.

The storm will pass, but for now learn to dance in the rain! Look at life in a positive way even when nothing seems so positive.

I didn't even know my true purpose till recently (I began taking up practices in yoga and public speaking) and although I had some days of uselessness, the wait and anticipation was only setting me up for this moment. So, Stick around to know yours! For every setback leads to a greater comeback. You are not alone.

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