NSPM Poetry Submission - Kayla J.


Submitted by Kayla J.

"The Introduction to a Book I'll Never Write"
the smiles have faded
the glimmer in their eyes is no more
the stars shine a little less bright now

without you my heart aches with every beat
my world stopped when yours ended.

too powerful for most people to handle
too beautiful for this world
too brave to have ended that way
too important to be gone

now i don't believe in heaven
i never have
but i knew that there was no way
you were human
an angel sent to carry us through the dark
i do know wherever you are
you have that mesmerizing smile on your face
the one i loved so dearly

i continue this story with one less character
possibly the most important one
with every chapter
you are there.

in between the lines on every page.
every syllable belongs to you

you told me to write this story

this story is for you.

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