NSPM Poetry Submission - Emily G.

Submitted by Emily G.

I've been thinking
and I've decided I'd like to stay a little longer
here's the thing, it's true that when you get older life gets a lot harder
and it's to stay a little longer there will be time where you just don't know what to do
but when it gets hard keep on pushing through
I believe in you
some nights it's really hard to see how things will be alright
and you have to put up quite the fight
but I'm here to say
it gets better
just stay a little longer
I've been in places where I wish I hadn't gone
sometimes the pain pushed me a little too far
so I used this thing
this thing called music
and I slowly got through it
music told me I could do it
so I stayed
stayed a little longer
now I know
that sometimes life can be pretty tough
and it feels like you're stuck in an awful rut
you don't know what to do
trust me, I've been there too
I've seen darker places I don't like to talk about
places that fill me with sorrow and horrible doubt
where I struggle to keep my head above the water
and I don't feel like I can go much farther
and I'll be honest
I'm still there working it out.
when it gets hard
this whole staying alive thing
just hold on
and stay a little longer

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