NSPM Poetry Submission - Chhaya P. ("Hopeless")

Submitted by Chhaya P.

Everyday I put on my armour
Mend the scars I fought alone
I feel like I can't go any longer
With the weight that keeps me dragging along

All I ever wanted to do
Was to throw it away to burn
All I ever wanted from you
Was all your arrows shot next turn

Hoping it would end this whole
Chaos raging from inside
But what it started after all
Was just another ache to cry

Wounded hurt and scarred with fear
Shattered mind but life's just bent
"Please break me" can't you hear
Silent screams saying "make this end"

Life, sits on a golden throne
Time, the greatest scam of all
Together knit with a sharp black thorn
The brutal trap darkest of all

Here blooms a tender flower
Rising up in life's playground
Here falls as a crumbled tower
Trying to save feelings newfound

~Chhaya Prabhashwari~

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