NSPM Poetry Submission - Ariel N.

Submission by Ariel Noble

The Line

When you’re sick
They take the strings out of your sweater so that you don’t do anything remotely harmful to yourself and/or others
Apparently “contraband” gives permission for scientists to steal a stainless mouse’s cheese away from their tiny capable paws
What happened to freedom?
What happened to liberty?
I guess if you want to be safe you have to give up a little bit of your privacy

When you’re sick
They take the blue out of your eyes so that you can’t tell if it’s light or dark because God forbid you spot a speck of darkness and end up doing something


When you’re sick
The monsters under your bed become your best friends because your humans can’t see past the screen of “okay” into the field behind your eyes where the monsters are seated anxiously impatient
Who says they’re monsters
What makes them monsters
I’m like them
They are my friends
Maybe I’m a monster too
Monster is just a word just like pretty is just a word
Pretty is just a pretty word
Monster is just a monstrous word
Why must they be “monsters”?
They are me, I am them, we are one
I guess I’m pretty and I guess I’m a monster

When you’re sick
Your bones ache because all of a sudden they’re hollow now
Precious marrow slithers out as if you haven’t been cracking already
That’s why you’ve been so cold
You’ve been so fragile lately

When you’re sick
Your petals shrivel from white to red
Black and blue you can’t help it anymore
They don’t flutter they flank
Maybe you are the one who nipped yourself at the bud

When you’re sick
You cannot flick
Away the feeling of agony

When you’re sick
You are forced to lick
The acid on the floor just to feel alive again

When you’re sick
You are hit with a brick
Over an over
Until all feeling is gone forever

When you’re sick
You stay sick

When you’re sick
You die.

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