MHAM Submission - Tori Harding

Poem by Tori Harding

I knew there was something wrong
or right
about this song and so I turned it over and over until I found it or it told me
It was dangerous
in the most forgiving and liberating way
it stabbed and clawed at me until it ripped its way through my chest and to my heart and it (so gently i did not even register it)
sliced a tiny tiny hole into the beating thing and told me to cry and to breathe
and I did
and I did not
stop until I could not breathe anymore and I had to sleep or else die
And I slept
And I died
and lived and then I felt the leak
And it came so quickly and didn't stop and I couldn't clean it fast enough so I spread it out and wallowed in it and let it dirty my hands until they were dripping and I was a little bit lighter
But never empty
And it continues to bleed

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