MHAM Submission - Samara Galo

The pills are white, round, and small. No, I am not talking about birth control. These pills help elevate my mood and make me feel happy during times I would normally be feeling down. These pills give me the courage to stand up and talk in front of people as I am doing right now. Sometimes, I feel that I would be nothing without them since they are a source of my overall positivity and happiness, and help people see the side of me that I would like them to see and avoids the side of me I don’t like from being exposed. 

A pill and a half is my daily dose. From this, I feel sleepy and am able to avoid long, sad sleepless nights, ones I was quite used to. A single pill, when taken, dissolves quickly and doesn’t taste very good at all if you let it sit on your tongue, but the outcomes are great and the effects are both negative and positive, but I like to focus on the positive ones. Don’t get me wrong, I will sometimes feel like my mood isn’t elevated, but I always look forward to the better days, the ones that give me hope and give me light.

This pill is one of the many that people like me can take. Often, this pill is disregarded and seen as unnecessary, not helpful, and stupid. People who take this are seen in similar ways. Unfortunately, the people who saw this pill this way and saw me this way made me feel the same exact way. The thing is, they don’t know what it does, they don’t understand how it works. The pill may be small, it may dissolve quickly, but it changes your life for the better if you need it. This is how I like to think of myself. Being small does not make you incapable, it does not make you weak. Being different and not necessarily useful to everyone does not mean that you do not have a reason to be here nor a cause. Just like God introduced me to this and allowed me to view the pill as something helpful instead of something taboo, I learned to see myself as something helpful to others instead of someone unwanted, something I tended to feel growing up. The way the pill looks or the way the pill is overall should not give anyone a reason to make a judgment without knowing it, without knowing of the joy and happiness it can bring others that might need it. I may have a sour taste, but it is over quickly as long as you are patient. I may dissolve, I may have negative effects, but in the end, I am still me, and I am still happy, and I can be free regardless of what you think because even if I disappear, I will be there to make an positive impact, whether the people surrounding me like it or not. 

I am no longer ashamed and will no longer let people make me feel this way. I am proud of my pill as I am of myself. Just like my pill, I will continue to make a positive impact. That is my goal.

I am capable.

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