MHAM Submission - Lindsey Garnel


My Musical Mind by Lindsey Garnel

My thoughts are dancing
Dancing to the songs of my feelings
I am reliving my experiences, my sounds of my songs
Some sounds are neutral and bland
Some sounds are melodious and beautiful
Some sounds are haunting and tragic.
These sounds all come together to create songs.
The songs that make up my continuously building album, my life.

1: Vivacious Vida

A young vibrant girl
Lively and motivated
She did not realize
The hidden haunted corners of this world
She only saw color
She experienced joy
like a vivid spring day
But only it was constant
She was living a vivacious vida
This chapter, this song, is bright and marvelous
I wish I could return to this song and play it on repeat.

2: Faded Colors

This young girl grew older and began to fade.
She opened her eyes
She started to see
She started to experience
The haunting sorrowful depth of this world
She saw colors fade.
Like a stormy night.
Then she fell down the deep dark bottomless pit.
The pit of sadness and depression.
She felt no hope.
This chapter, this song, is dark and cold.
I consistently skip this song, and never play it for me or for others.

3: Haunting Healing

Once she fell to the bottom.
She heard the bang, and felt the pain.
But she realized she needed to choose to stand up and climb up.
So the colors could return
So the melodies could start again.
It was a long journey.
Some moments were haunting , the return to night.
Some moments were healing, rekindling the light
This chapter, this song, is deep and raw
Without this song and chapter, this album and this life would have ended.
I am forever grateful for this and the expressive outlets known as music and writing

4: Delta Choose

She stands up now, mighty and strong.
She knew she can survive.
And survive and thrive she did.
She realizes she has a secret positive priceless tool-
She has the power to make positive choices for herself infinitely forever with the help of music.
She listens to the melodies and sees the colors now
With a new perspective
A beautiful and marvelous view.
This is my current song, my current chapter.
I hope this song never ends.
And that music stays embedded in every aspect.
In my musical mind.

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