MHAM Submission - Katie Ireland

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Welcome to my Personal Hell by Katie Ireland

Have a seat.
Try to ignore the screaming-
The screaming that says
"Everyone hates you,
You are worthless!"
That's just the paranoia,
It moved in a few days ago. 
Oh, and don't mind the
Pitch black walls,
Depression came by and
Painted without my
Permission again. 
So, how are you-
I almost forgot!
The hanging chandelier. 
It could fall any second. 
Anxiety is a really lousy
Decorator, I don't
Recommend him. 
I would offer you
A snack, but Binge
Stopped in earlier and
At everything in the fridge. 
Oh no!
What's that red stuff on
Your chair?
Oh gosh, it must have
Been Self-harm again. 
I'll clean that up later. 
I'm sorry, were you
Saying something?
I decided to wear
My sweater made of
Self-absorbed wool,
With insecure
Embroidery, it's
Rather distracting. 
Did you have anything
You wanted to talk about?
No? Alrighty then. 
Now you can stay,
And attempt to help
Clean the mess,
Or leave, and
Never think of this again. 
Most people choose the latter. 
My little frenemies tend
To drive away any
Hope of new relationships. 
People aren't too fond
Of trying to deal with
Me and all of my guests
At once-
I understand. 
I hope you have a great day. 
If anyone asks, I'm
Doing just fine.

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