MHAM Submission - Kaitlyn Crussel


Poem by Kaitlyn Crussel

When the despair of the world grows near me,
I go and lie down where the wood starts.
Basking in the brand new sun like a bird on a branch
Brilliant gold and orange hues bleed like fire in the east over the rivers
And peeking through the towering, bountiful limbs.
Early morning has never felt so crisp, so uplifting.
Rustling of perching birds, wind stirring, whispering trees, and ferns like green fountains,
Unraveling as a the golden light made its way through the darkest cracks.
The woods were as dark as a shut closet door only moments ago,
And I get to witness it all.
Never taking the breath taking view for granted
Because I can only see so many in my lifetime.
Twenty three years it took to appreciate this beauty
But fifty plus more I can promise for sure.
My feet soaking in untouched earth
And my ears eavesdropping on the song of silence.
All of my worries and uncertainties seem to withdraw
Because I adopted the pace of nature, peacefulness.

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