MHAM Submission - Jane Bowden

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Poem by Jane Bowden


by hours, days, months, years
of hidden torture.
Bruises planted in broken bones.
Embedded gashes releasing sharp gasps.
Save me, love me.

of passion, worth, energy.
A hollowed shell numbed by torture.
Screams vibrate between paper skin,
echoing through a void
of detachment.

tired of pain, agony, loss
scheduled like an appointment.
One o’clock: 
uncontrolled tears between classes.
Three o’clock:
razored edges dancing upon weak skin.
Six o’clock:
200 calories forced downward.
Seven o’clock:
200 calories forced upward.
Eleven o’clock:
beaten, empty, tired.


I refuse to fall
under the pressures ingrained
layers deep;
because layers deep does not mean
I cannot dig
and discover gold.

The bruises have toughened my heart.
The hollow shell gives space for new love.
The scheduled pain feeds my drive for freedom.

Because I
am enough.

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