MHAM Submission - Gina Quatrino

Stardust by Gina Quatrino

she was floating in space
looking at the Earth
through the fogged lens of a dream.
but she was not asleep
her heart was so empty it felt full.
she was tired of the opposites.
tired of of the broken roads.
she drifted in space
asking every star
if they could guide her home.
and the stars responded,
“don’t you remember?
you were born of stardust.
this is your home.”

I wrote this after dealing with a rough break up. I felt really lost, and I started dissociating a lot. It got to the point where I didn’t even feel like a real person anymore. It felt as if I was just floating in space, watching the world turn without me. Eventually, I made it back to reality, but struggling with disassociation was an experience I’ll never forget. If you’re dealing with something similar, I hope you remember that you will always find a home within the stars. It’s what you are made of. But eventually, you’ll make it back to Earth. Brand new.

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