MHAM Submission - Faith Johnson

Over Aware by Faith Johnson

It feels like
My feet have never been found
Solid on the ground
Like everything has always been heightened
Every word and every sound
Like I exist separate from everything
Like I have always been so aware of every detail
So aware of my existence
That is has caused me to become out of touch
So over aware
To the point I am no longer here
I am elsewhere

Other people aren't ever on my wave length
And never have been
I can still connect to them fully
Maybe too much
But they can't connect to me
They can't see things the way I see

I feel different to everyone else
Almost special
People say they understand
But I don't think they do
They only know what it's like to be them
They don't know what it's like to be you
They can't understand what they haven't lived through
No one can actually put themselves in my shoes
That saying isn't true
And I don't think they'd want to be in my shoes

My shoes have never touched the ground
They're completely see through
The light catches them sometimes
And when it does
They glisten
But that doesn't happen very often
They're magic
There's no other shoe like it
But that is what's bad
They're too different
Too complex to understand
Too invisible to touch properly
Too hard to walk in
They would just sink to the ground
Almost unreal
Right down to the heel
There's so many things inside the shoe
But you can't see or experience them
Like I do


Faith Johnson

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