MHAM Submission - Cheyenne Vink


Poem by Cheyenne Vink

When I wake up
and for once feel well rested.
I get up, get dressed
and take one more look

In the mirror, i tell myself
I look good today.
As I leave the house way too confident

It isn’t until I accidentally open my front camera
In a way too occupied train coloured by fluorescent lights

I realise my mirror is broken
Filtering all my flaws
Out of the equation that is my life

It is in the screen of my phone
I see the hours I haven’t slept because I lied awake worrying

It is in the screen I see
the tears I haven’t cried (yet)
Taking the form of dark, puffy circles under my eyes

It is in that screen where I keep seeing all my flaws
And I realise in that moment that
I put too much thought in something that is only a tiny reflection of myself

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