MHAM Submission - Andy


Some backstory on these photos,

Depersonalization - I got this of my friend checking her reflection in a tinted window. she wasn't having the best day but was still trying to look nice. I've noticed this about her, when she's feeling off she'll try to look as presentable as she can to kind of cover up how she feels. it's either that reason or to ground herself.

Struggling isn't actually my photo, Abby got this one of me earlier today and I just really enjoy this photo because you can't see my face but also because I'm eating junk food. It doesn't seem like a big deal but I'm only just recently getting over anorexia (that I've struggled with for about three years). I also love it because of how genuinely I'm laughing.

Derealization - this is one of my friend Madi. We were both feeling super nostalgic this day so we went back to our favorite spot when we were in middle school. She kept zoning out while I was taking photos of her. 

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