Mental Illness in the Work World

By: Reilly (@spacekidreilly)

I have lived with mental illness for eleven years of my life, and it is something that still impacts my life today.  A Neuro-typical, or someone who does not suffer from mental illness, does not realize how much people who suffer from mental illness struggle from day to day.  Something that really upsets me, as someone who suffers, is the lack of sympathy and caring that many people show or in this case do not show for people who suffer.  I have experienced working in a ‘real’ job last summer.  I was upset to find that my boss did not really care about my health as much as I wish she had.  The experience was absolute hell for me and would never do it again.  I felt like although no one working there knew I was mentally ill, no one even considered that maybe someone was suffering.  I am almost positive with all the staff working there I could not have been the only one who was impacted by mental illness.  We truly never know what someone is going through and how they are feeling mentally.  I’ve learned that many people (including myself) just worry about themselves and do not stop to think what other people are suffering from and going through.  I hope that someday the stigma on mental illness can end, and we can all be more caring and compassionate towards others.  I hope to see normalcy in taking a “mental day” to relax and take care of yourself.  Mental Health is just as important as physical health, and I want to see it treated like it is.

Be kind.


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