Meghan Poche - Suicide Prevention Month Submission

“i’m going to kill myself,”
she said with a dry laugh
and people laughed
because it was funny
until she did
and suddenly, it wasn’t funny anymore
because what’s funny
about a girl
lying in a closed coffin
because there’s a bullet hole
through her head?
because what’s funny
about a church full of people
all dressed in black
mourning the loss
of a girl they loved so dearly?
it wasn’t funny anymore
it was sad
because a girl killed herself
just like she said she would
but no one saw it coming
because that phrase is used as a joke
and too many times
we don’t know that it’s not
until it’s too late

“i’m going to kill myself.”
it’s always funny
until it isn’t. 

–mp // i’m begging you, stop making a joke out of a real problem 

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