Maverick Alviar - Suicide Prevention Month Submission

trigger warning: suicide


I haven’t been to any rollercoasters lately

But my brain feels like a tragedy

And my stomach, it’s not just a bad tummy

Some music and tunes come in handy

But they can never ever make me happy

I write and write

A thousand poems it was.

My parents won’t understand my poems anyways

“You are just being dramatic,”

I yell for help

Echoes are the only reply I had

I had the pills ready

My hands sweaty

My letter to everyone I once loved is all set

I am going away

Far away from here

I threw the pills and held on

I held on for another day.

It never became better

It’s all as if I just watch hell before me

I stepped up on the ledge

Looking down, it’s going to be a long fall

I’ll close my eyes and I’ll be gone

At this moment I have the power over my life

I am powerful

I breathe and I soar

I don’t want to fall

No one’s going to catch me

Falling is not going to make my situation better

But things won’t get easier either

But I held on

I never received treatment

It’s just me, myself, and I

Fighting alone in the dark

Trying to be strong when the world wants to cut me down

I made it until now

By holding on

You hold on

It’s a tough decision

But you just gotta hold on

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