Leanna Baggan - Suicide Prevention Month Submission

A Turn of Events by Leanna Baggan

A year ago today
I was a much different young woman.
You would not like to have known her,
a fragile little thing, her...
nonexistent human

and September was nearing
her heart unfeeling
it was somber.
The pressure had been building
and life was a closely-detonating

and I like to have thought that
someone could have helped her,
but she had no one to trust
she just
kept on shielding her heart
but, apart. — It had ruptured and split.
She had quit from this life.
She was on her way to die.

----making plans like fanciful dreams,
and oh the tears,
for anything would make her cry.

You couldn’t ask her why
cause she’d sigh
and tell you
that nothing was up.

sweeping feelings under the rug,
smiling sideways to evade,
never truly knowing the reasoning
that laid
behind her own pain.

It was tough.

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