Humans of BP: Edition 1

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I found the Buddy Project when I was going through one of the darkest times of my life. I didn't know if I wanted to continue my life or just end it all. I was in desperate need of help so I decided to sign up for a buddy. I was paired with my buddy and I was lucky enough to have my buddy from the same state as me. Soon after I was able to meet my buddy. Signing up for a buddy was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Signing up or a buddy helped me through my darkest time and I was able to make a friendship that will last a lifetime. I continued to support the Buddy Project and signed up for more buddies, that are now my best friends. I'm still signing up for buddies so I can help people whenever and however I can. I'm glad I continued to support the Buddy Project, it has given many opportunities, like becoming an ambassador for the Buddy Project.


Bodhi and her buddy from Buddy Project.

Bodhi and her buddy from Buddy Project.

I was paired with my buddy in October and she has turned into my best friend. She's there for me when nobody else is, tries to cheer me up if I'm having a bad day, talks me through my darkest days. I do the same thing for her of course and I don't know what I would do without her. Whether I need to vent, having a dark day, or if I just want to talk to someone she's always there. We also have a lot in common and like a lot of the same things which makes our friendship closer and video chats a lot more fun and filled with laughter if I'm honest. We help each other out with pretty much anything and it feels like I actually know her in person even if I don't. It feels like I've known her for years even though I've only known her for several months. It's helped me because I know I at least have one friend, a friend that I can always count on when I feel like I can't go to anybody else. Thank you Buddy Project for helping me find my best friend.


My mental illness has been a struggle for as long as I can remember. Anxiety started in elementary school, I was always anxious about something. Then in Junior High came the depression. Sadness would come over me and make it so I couldn’t do anything besides lay in bed and cry. Throughout my journey with depression, I have been in the hospital 14 times due to suicide attempts and self-harm. That is a lot of times, and each time left me feeling more and more hopeless. Now I am left feeling like my whole life is going to be in and out of psychiatric units. One thing that really helps me when I am down is reading the tweets and Instagram posts by the buddy project. It really helps me to put things into perspective and feel less alone. Thank you to the buddy project. And to all of you who are struggling, it will get better. We all can do this, and no one is in this alone!


Depression for me was never easy, I didn't even know how much it consumed me until my hospitalized experience. I was always that girl that stayed quiet, I didn't have many friends and it bothered me, I would do things like drugs and smoke to get friends and attention but it lead me nowhere. Being alone was a horrid to me. I would spend days in bed, doing nothing thinking about everyone else having fun, it lead me to hurt myself like this was my fault and it was. The school years went by and I tried becoming more social and eventually had a boyfriend, my first. As someone who was always alone and sad, the idea of loving someone was absolutely consuming. But I made it really toxic too.. if he didn't answer me right away I would freak out, spam his phone and stuff. If he'd try to break up with me I'd threat to kill myself. I was a mess and at the time I didn't realize it. He put his foot down one day and broke up with me, that's when I snapped, I had harmed myself from that and told him I was going to kill myself... he then told the guidance counselor. I still remember that day well, it was either I go with my mom to the hospital or have an ambulance come to the school and take me. When I was at the hospital, I refused to talk to the psychologists, but it would be the only way I would get to leave and I broke down. My depression had come into the known to us. After that day, I had numerous therapists and got prescribed on Zoloft, which I stopped taking after 2 months. Countless times I thought about overdose, but I thought to myself I wanted to make myself happy and feel better. As if I could cure my own depression. But day by day still, it lingers, I try to push it away more, but it still comes. I think everyday in shock that I wake up, although I'm not suicidal I never thought I'd be alive at age 20.

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