Become a Part of Our Fundraising Team!

You can directly help us fundraise for our app! Simply go to the page below and click the big FUNDRAISE FOR THIS CAMPAIGN button and you'll instantly have your own fundraising page as a part of our Team. Anyone is allowed to become a fundraising team member.

By becoming a fundraising team member, you will get your own link to the Buddy Project fundraiser. Post this link on social media and share it with anyone you'd like. If you get people to donate using your team member link, you could get a reward! (You do not need to donate the amount yourself)

$100 or more: you will get a Stronger Than The Stigma t-shirt*

$500 or more: you will become a beta tester for our app and get a Stronger Than The Stigma t-shirt*

Email with the subject "CROWDRISE" if you need any help.

*=While supplies last

Please help support Buddy Project's mission to prevent suicide & self-harm by pairing people as buddies. We pair people based upon mutual interests and age, in hopes to make powerful connections. 

We've paired over 155,000 people as buddies. Help us reach more people worldwide. We are developing a secure website and an app that will allow quicker access & pairing of people based on age & mutual interests.

Buddy Project, Inc. ("BP") is a 501(c)(3) organization who supports local behavioral health facilities in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Help us reach our goal of $20,000. Spread the word. Tell your family and friends to support BP. Having just one friend to support you through the hardships of your life can really make a difference.

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