Becoming Buddies: Georgina & Molly

Georgina & Molly

(@milksenpal & @georgieamy_)

When did you and your buddy get paired?

Georgina: 1st June 2014.

Molly: We got paired on May 31, 2014 but we had our first conversation on June 1, 2014.

What interests do you two have in common?

Georgina: We like the same music and are into the same bands.

Molly: When we were paired, our interests were One Direction but now we are just so close that everything is something we have in common.

How do you benefit from your friendship?

Georgina: It's allowed me to have someone else to talk to, gain a best friend, and share any problems I have. It's also allowed me to visit another part of the world!

Molly: I get the benefit of always having someone to talk to from our friendship. She always makes me laugh. Georgina always listens even when whatever I'm talking about is pointless or she has no interest in.

Have you ever video chatted or met in person?

Georgina: Yep, we have video chatted so much, once for 7 hours and yep we have met before and I've even stayed at her house!

Molly: We have video chatted many times and our record is 7 hours non stop actually. We met for the first time July 11, 2016; it was the greatest feeling to be able to finally hug someone who I've been talking to for so long.

What is your favorite memory with your buddy?

Georgina: The day that we met and also the day we went to see 5sos together and the night I slept at her house the night before!

Molly: My favourite memory with Georgina is every moment I spent with her honestly but seeing the 5 Seconds of Summer concert with her in Toronto was also amazing.

Do you have any advice for people who want to sign up for a buddy?

Georgina: You should 1000% do it and you should try and keep talking to them because it is one of the best things I've ever done and made one of my bestest friends ever.

Molly: My advice for anyone who wants to sign up for a buddy is to do it! I met my best friend and don't regret it one bit.

Do you have any advice for people going through mental health problems?

Georgina: It is a great way to open up to someone and that it allows you to speak to someone about your problems. and that you should try and speak to someone about if possible as it allows you to unload and get the pressure off your shoulders and someone could help you if you told them. 

Molly: My advice for anyone with mental health problems is to find someone they trust and to talk about it with that person. Also to find someone who has similar interests and can be your support system and you can be theirs. It always gets better is something that is thrown around a lot but it is very true. 

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