Feminism for All

By: Maddy Rambeau (@lourambeau)

The feminist movement has taken the world by storm; activists are making headlines with their bold statements, feminist twitter accounts are educating thousands of people through their social media take overs, and the movement has even reached people worldwide. Nearly everyone has heard the word “feminism”, but a lot of people seem to misunderstand what feminism is really all about. The Webster dictionary definition of feminism is “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.” Now, we see that feminism is clearly empowering women, but what about other oppressed groups? Does feminism include advocating for people of different re, gender, class, ability, and ethnicity? Yes, it does! Intersectional feminism is the more specific term for that actually. Feminism truly is for all! Feminism empowers the oppressed and advocates for the weak, but doesn’t tear down the strong and privileged. Don’t get feminism confused with misandry, feminism is NOT about hatred towards men. It is a positive movement that everyone, including privileged white cis males, can fully participate in and benefit from.

How can we embrace feminism and take action in the movement? Education and awareness is the first step. Speak out to whatever audience you can reach and inform people. Read the news and search blogs to see what other feminists are trying to accomplish. Awareness can be made by simply wearing a tshirt! Take an initiative for things that matter and help others in need. Support issues that might not even directly affect you. Take your beliefs and project them into your life. It is especially important for our youth to get this message in order to make the future better. If our generation can make even a small difference through feminism then who knows, maybe in generations to come, the world will be oppression free with equality for all people.

How does feminism tie into the Buddy Project? The goal of BP is to create a support network for youth by supplying each individual in need with a friend. Feminism is a giant support network for people worldwide in need! One thing that BP works towards is reducing the numbers of suicides in our youth. By having a buddy you can go to for encouraging words and help in a crisis, many people are feeling less alone and even empowered! Your buddy’s goal is to advocate for you. Feminists advocate for others in need and speak out for minorities who feel alone in their oppression. Both feminism and the buddy project are great “tools” to help reach people in need of having others on their side.