The Definition of Beautiful

By: Gabby Frost

Skinny people are beautiful. Overweight people are beautiful. All of the people who are “in between” (neither skinny nor overweight) are beautiful. Every single person on this planet is beautiful.

This world obsesses on defining what beauty is and gives outrageous standards that something must fit perfectly in order to be considered beautiful. Why not get rid of this concept of beauty and just celebrate things for what they are?

The definition of beautiful is, “having beauty; possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind,” but an overwhelming amount of people mistakenly define beautiful as “skinny.” Skinny is not a synonym for beautiful. You cannot use it interchangeably as it does not have the same meaning. Skinny is defined as, “very lean or thin; emaciated.”

I’m not trying to bring down skinny people in this at all. By me saying that skinny is not a synonym for beautiful does not mean that I’m saying skinny people aren’t beautiful.  Too many people believe the misconceptions that skinny means the same thing as beautiful, and fat/overweight is the same as ugly.

You can be skinny and be beautiful. You can be overweight and be beautiful. You can be anything in between skinny and overweight and be beautiful.

Don’t let society think you can only be one of those things and not both, because you are both skinny/overweight/in between AND beautiful.

You are not just one thing in life; you as a person are many things. Call yourself beautiful and don’t feel ashamed. Call yourself overweight and don’t feel ashamed. Call yourself skinny and don’t feel ashamed.

There are some things we cannot change about ourselves instantly and that’s something that makes us human. You don’t have to like the number on the scale or the reflection staring back at you in the mirror, but you deserve to embrace it and not be ashamed of it. Everyone deserves to be comfortable with who they are (which includes body type) and together as a world we need to celebrate each other’s differences and not shame each other for them.

It is okay to be skinny. You might have a fast metabolism, have the proper diet and exercise routine,  or some other factor(s) in your life that cause you to be skinny.  It is okay.

It is okay to be overweight. Just because you weigh more than others, does not make you less. There might be factor(s) you cannot control at all or ones that you lack control in that cause you to be overweight. It is okay.

Now some people might say that being extremely skinny or overweight can lead to health problems. While that is true, that is not what people are trying to focus on when helping people become comfortable with their weight. Beauty has no correlation to how healthy someone is.

Someone could be skinny and have an unhealthy diet. Someone could be overweight and have a healthy diet. Stop telling overweight people to “eat less/healthier” or skinny people to “eat more” because that may not even be the reason for why they are that weight. Many people that say, “Overweight people are unhealthy!” don’t even care about the health of overweight people; they’re only concerned with the beauty aspect of it all.

Not everyone will see you as beautiful, and that is okay; it only matters how you see yourself. If you believe that you’re beautiful, don’t let anyone influence that view of yourself. It is your life and you are the only one who will live through 100% of it. Make decisions to better your life so that you can live it to the fullest. You deserve to have confidence and have self-love.

If you’ve already achieved confidence, I’m proud of you for that. I’m also proud of the people who are currently trying to become confident in themselves or ones that aren’t yet. All of you are beautiful and I hope that you can see that in yourself one day because you deserve to. I know you will reach this viewpoint one day and I hope you can believe that too.