Alena McMillan - Suicide Prevention Month Submission

Broke Things

when someone thinks of a broken thing,

they think of something cracked, destroyed.

a broken chair whose leg wasn’t screwed in quite right, or broken glass shattered by a careless child.

who is going to screw on the leg of a broken chair?

who is going to screw it on with pain in their muscles just for it to be the exact same way?

they buy a new chair, throwing away the old because who keeps something broken of so little worth?

do you fix something you don’t love?

“leave the broken chair,” you say “it has no importance”

but what of the mother who rocked her first baby in that chair?

the same mother who held him when he scratched a knee on that worthless chair,

and when she grew old he picked her up and rocked her in that broken, worthless non important chair.

does something loose it’s worth when it breaks?

no one thinks of broken things as strong.

when fixed, no one is impressed with the hours of work because all they see is the chair that used to be broken.

they believe it should not have been broke in the first place.

and yet? things are meant to be broken.

how would things be improved and be discovered otherwise?

a diamond is perfect until it breaks.

broken is the side affect of weakness.

if it was strong it would have never crushed under the weight.

but a broken chair can’t fix itself, nor did it break itself.

this is where we live.

in a broken world to scared to admit it is broken.

in a world where breaking is weak.

so we smile and stay broken on the inside so that no one throws us out.

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