Age of Consent

By: Evan Kalvesmaki (@GASOLllNE)

When he's 21, you’re 15. He's well into college, and you’re just a freshman. He likes to tell you you aren’t mature enough to be with him. This makes you more daring, you say. More adventurous. It makes you more willing to explore.

In reality, it’s just easier for him to take advantage of you.

When he's 22, you’re 16. He just began to live off-campus, and he picked an apartment very close to your high school, to see you often. He’s out drinking with their friends, and he says they can sneak you in too. One night, you take him up on it. You miss your Geometry test, and almost fail the class.

You start to realize maybe he isn’t really good for you.

No, no, you think. It’s just one test, it’ll be okay.

When he’s 23, you’re 17. He’s out of college, he has his own life. You’re still trying to figure out which university you want to go to. He’s starting to tell you you’re holding him back. He wants to do things with his life, but he doesn’t want to leave you behind.

You try to convince your parents to let you drop out, to be with him.

When you’re finally 18, he’s gone. He packed up and left, and told you he was finished. He told you the appeal was gone, and that now, the magic that was there for years is just….gone.

But you slowly figure out that that magic was nothing but pedophilia. You realize that him swaying you into doing things you’d never typically do to prove your maturity was emotional manipulation. You realize that that failed Geometry test led you to fail the class, and eventually, get so fed up with school, and so attached to him, you dropped out of high school. You realize he only wanted you because you were underage.

You realize your former lover thought your age was a kink.

Teens aren’t old enough to be in a relationship with an adult, and adults have no business trying to sway kids into relationships. Pedophilia is a mental disorder recognized by the APA, and it is recommended to seek help. It is a treatable condition. The problem does not lie in the attraction, the problem surfaces when adults begin to prey on children.

Pedophiles are defined by their desires. When a pedophile begins to act on their desires, they become a child molester. It’s a felony in nearly every state in the U.S., and it’s unjustified physical, emotional and psychiatric trauma to a child. Trauma adults could stop from happening if they could simply contain their thoughts and desires, and seek professional, psychiatric help rather than corrupt an innocent child.

The law says 18 for a reason. Don’t ignore it.