5 Songs That Need More Recognition

Recently I've been thinking about the power that singers and bands have with their fanbases. Why can't more of them use that voice to actually advocate for important causes? Luckily, some of the ones that I listen to actually do this in their songs. Whether it's a blatant lyric that states it or something that's more figurative, these five songs shed some light on some issues. These songs honestly deserve more recognition than they have gotten.

This has to be one of my favorite twenty one pilots songs, mainly because of the bridge.

My absolute favorite line of any of their songs is "our brains are sick but that's okay," because people diagnosed with mental illness deserve to know it IS okay to be mentally ill. Having a mental illness does not make you any less of a person and you're still a human being like the rest of us.

Savages is the first song I've ever listened to that speaks about the horrors that exist in our world because of humans -- murder, war, social darwinism, and rape. This song is revolutionary and I hope other artists follow Diamandis' example by singing about injustice.

Ever since she was 16 or 17, Halsey has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She uses this song to express how her mental illness has affected her mood, life, and thoughts. Although she never comes straight out and says "my bipolar disorder" she calls it "the villains that live in [her] head" and even says "[her] mind's like a deadly disease."

Lady Gaga wrote this song for The Hunting Ground, a documentary about rape crimes on college campuses. The song and music video shed light on how people don't understand the seriousness of rape and sexual assault. Although the video can be triggering to assault victims, it opens the eyes of those people who have never been through it. On the bright side, at the conclusion of the video it shows rape victims coming together and taking a stance together and has a variety of people to show that rape can happen to anyone.

Bisexual erase is a huge problem; the 'B' in LGBTQ+  is often forgotten and not many people are doing much to change that. On October 7th, 2013, Panic! At the Disco released Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! and also the music video for Girls/Girls/Boys, track 6 on the album. This song gives bisexual people representation and even states that "love is not a choice." After releasing the song, Panic! decided to sell shirts on their store that state "Girls love Girls and Boys" and "Boys love Boys and Girls." The shirts helped raise funds for the Human Right Campaign and gave the bisexual community a message that their sexuality is valid.

Whether it's mental illness, violence, oppression, sexual assault, or LGBTQ+ rights, singers and bands need to begin using their fame for good. A majority truly don't realize the impact they could make on this world and need to see how much change they could make.

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